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Ignition control box FCE60

FCE60 is the latest model of our ignition boxes. Its design incorporates redundant safety technology and is also certified as a safety component under EN 298:2012 for full compliance to EU Gas Appliances Directive 2009/142/EC - the best safety for your operating paving crew. The FCE60 has built-in a double relay, an internal fuse and three control circuits that individually control the flame detection performed by the FCE60. This means even with two component failures or a case of overcurrent, it will still leave the burner system completely safe.

FCE60 Redundant ignition control

FCE60 examples of control loops

For an EN298:2012 compliant system, two Gas Valves connected in series are required. The FCE60 Ignition Box controls ignition of the flame and monitors it. Upon ignition failure, it closes the gas valve as a safety measure to prevent accidents caused by gas seepage and presents an error code.
Ignition boxes are often built in a loop with temperature sensors and controls. The temperature controls will automatically maintain the optimum operating temperature of the screed without overheating the screed plates while paving. Up to 4 FCE60 can be built in one system.

The new FCE60 Ignition Box is backwards compatible with the former non-certfied FCE24 Ignition Box.

Technical Data of FCE60

10 ... 30 V DC
Typically 120 mA at 24 V DC
Max. 400 mA
-10 ...+70 °C
< 10 s (for no flame detection)
IP55 water- and dustproof
10 x 7 x4 cm
0,3 kg
Other ignition and temperature controls
Ignition boxes FCE24 + FCB24

Ignition boxes FCB24 + FCE24

FCB24 / FCE24 ignition control boxes

With a FCB24/FCE24 Ignition box you have both ignition and flame control, all in one box using only one electrode. Upon accidental blow-out of the flame, the ignition box will attempt re-ignition for seven seconds. In case of re-ignition failure, the ignition control closes the gas valve as a safety measure to prevent accidents caused by gas seepage. The status of the burner is easily viewed with red and yellow indicator lamps, and the print on the front makes it easy to install the FCB24/FCE24 Ignition Box correctly.

The FCB24 and FCE24 Ignition Boxes are identical with regards to electrical specifications, function and connectivity, but differ by their physical dimensions to suit different preferences for installation. The FCB24 and FCE24 are fully backwards compatible with older model series FCA12V, FCA24V and FCA30V.

Attention! FCB24 and FCE24 comply with CE regulations, however, the boxes do not meet the latest EU safety specifications of EN 298:2012 Machinery Directive and EU Gas Appliances Directive 2009/142/EC, which means failure of a single component or a case of overcurrent can lead to gas seepage and be a safety hazard. Thus, please always check if FCE60 ignition box can replace FCE24.

STC1600 4-channel temperature control


STC1600 4-channel temperature control

The STC 1600 is the user interface (MMI) in a temperature control system for paver screeds. It controls and regulates the screed's temperature via four sensors, and monitors the starting and stopping of both blowers and burners via the connected ignition box. Each of the individual burner's blowers, the magnetic valves and the ignition/combustion are also monitored. The system uses PT100 temperature sensors built into the screed.

There are two versions of STC1600: for gas-heated and for electrically heated screeds. Both controls regulate the temperature to the level set by the operator by turning the relevant connected heating element on/off. The desired temperature can be set and regulated individually for each of the four sections of the screed on the up and down buttons on the LED panel.

Product features:

  • 4 x burner outputs, each max. 0,5 A
  • 4 x blower outputs, each max. 0,5 A (gas only)
  • 4 x Pt-100 inputs
  • For 10-30 V DC machines
SC5-96 1-channel temperature control


SC5-96 single channel temperature control

The SC5-96 Temperature Controller is developed for gas-heated screeds. It is designed to automatically maintain the optimum operating temperature of the screed without overheating the screed plates while paving.
The unit is a single channel system monitoring the temperature via one connected Pt-100 Temperature Sensor. It regulates the temperature to the level set by the operator by turning the connected ignition boxes controlling the gas valves of the burners on/off.
The SC5-96 Temperature Controller can also control the fan after-run to the desired setting on burners with fans.

There are two models of SC5-96: One comes with one blower and four burner outputs, the other one has no blower, but eight burner outputs.

Another single channel controller is our TC101 monitoring the temperature via one connected Pt-100 temperature sensor. The system is designed for gas burner systems with two burners and features one TC101 Temperature Controller, two FCE60 ignition boxes, two gas valves, one Pt-100 temperature sensor and two spark plugs in a pre-configured cable net and cabinet, ready for quick installation.

Zubehör Zündung + Temperatur


Accessories for temperature control

If you are looking for a temperature controller without a display to monitor the current temperature, but including status indicators showing whether the temperature is above or below the set point, then we supply you our TC-30 . It also controls the fan after-run.
The TC30 Temperature Controller has two outputs, one for up to four ignition boxes (burners) and one for up to four fans.

For the right choice of temperature controllers, system configuration and accessories please do not hesitate to contacting us. Together we'll find the appropriate kit for your machine.

We offer the rental of a test kit for finding the right position of spark plugs too. Ask for it!

Our supply program consists also of a variety of accessories:

  • Pt-100 with cables of different length and various plugs
  • Spark plugs with electrodes of 35 mm, 50 mm, or 100 mm length
  • High tension cords with ceramic or angle cap, noise resistor and BMW connector
  • Gas solenoid valves up to 5 bar
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