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UMC4000 - Universal blade control


Our UMC4000 blade control system is used on construction and land-leveling machinery or machinery blade attachments to automatically control the blade in earthmoving and grading applications. It could also be used on drainage, trenching or milling machinery. By the use of machine laser receivers, ultrasonic transducers or slope sensors a reference elevation will automatically be transferred to the cutting edge of the blade. The system is ready for integration of GNSS or TPS system using a digital terrain model as reference.

UMC4000 consists of a control unit and a control panel (MMI = man-machine-interface) with joystick and programmable functionality. The system controls up to 8 different hydraulic functions, no matter if tied to On/Off solenoid or proportional valves (PC or PV). Thus, UMC4000 features blade elevation control of up to three height cylinders (main, if there is, plus right and left) and automatic adjustment of both hydraulic side doors of the grading blade. In addition, our MMI steers other functionality such as control of three-point-hitch, hydraulic masts or folding the blade for road transportation, as an example. The UMC4000 is versatility at its best.

Technical data of the control panel

Proportional, with 3 push button switches
128 x 64 px
Auto/Man (green/yellow) + Elevation R/L + Auto-Side-Door On/Off
On/Off/Setup + Auto/Man On/Off + Auto-Side-Selection Both/L/R + Offset Both/L/R + Sensor set-up SET + Auto-Side-Doors L/R + Slope Selection L/R + Slope inversion
Hydraulic blade side doors In/Out

Technical data of the contoller unit

8 x PC/PT, or 6 x PV (each Raise/Lower)
2 x separated CAN or RS485
8 x Analogue, 0 ... 32 V
11 ... 28 V DC, max. 15 A, one extra power output
IP65 (with plugs connected)

Errors and changes accepted

Manufacturer: HE-Tronic GmbH, Am Esch 13, 26349 Jaderberg, Deutschland

Sensors for UMC4000
ULS250 Laserempfaenger

ULS250 Laser

Linear laser receiver

Our ULS250 is a 360° laser receiver developed and manufactured for mobile machine grading application.It is fully linear (proportional) over its 25 cm reception height. That means that within its reception window the on-grade position can be moved electronically from the centre to any off-grade position simply by a push on a button.

Product data

SLS220 Laserempfaenger

SLS220 Laser

5 channel laser receiver

Our SLS220 is a budget-priced 360° laser receiver developed and manufactured for machine control applications. The reception height is 22 cm in total. It ist a 5 channel machine laser receiver. The on-grade position is fixed at the centre of its reception window.

Product data

UMS224 Ultraschallsensor

UMS224 Sonic

Multi-Sonic sensor

The UMS224 is a precise ultrasonic sensor for use on road construction machinery. This ultrasonic sensor measures the elevation over reference ground, curb-stone or string-line. If used over a string-line the UMS224 will detect both height and direction. The sensor has built-in LED height displays on the side and front, as well as LEDs for lateral adjustment.

Product data

UNS300 Neigungssensor

UNS300 Slope

Three axis slope sensor

The UNS300 is an external slope sensor in a heavy duty aluminium housing. The sensor measures the slope in all three axis X, Y, Z. It has a resolution of 0,1° and it is temperature compensated. The sensor will be mounted in cases, when the UMC4000 control box with internal slope sensor cannot be installed onto the moving blade.

Product data

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